Let’s geek out a little. Since yesterday was the first day of going public I wanted to dig into the numbers a little bit. We had a total of 921 page views. That’s not necessarily the same thing as unique visitors since a single visitor may view more than one page. But it puts some of the other numbers in perspective.

Most Popular Category

Delivery was the #1 category with 55 views. Alcohol came in a close second with 43.

Most Popular Restaurant

The #1 restaurant for the day was The Green Event Center with 17 views. They also had the most clicks with 15 users going to their “Meals To Go” page.

Is Anyone Reading This?

Yes! I’m relieved to see that 15 users did in fact visit the Blog page. So that’s reassuring. Not that I’m opposed to talking to myself but it is nice to know that it’s not a totally wasted effort.

So it seems like things are going well. I’m still adding restaurants and answering requests on Facebook. If you have a suggestion please hit me up through the contact form in the footer. Thanks and happy eating!

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